(Specialisation :Web, Graphics &Animation / Software Engineering / Hardware & Network Engineering / Accounting& Taxation)

Master Diploma

Why Master Diploma ?

This course is aimed at giving you exhaustive coverage to all the 4 fields and there after allowing you to Master Field of your choice. It also helps you discover your talent or inclination towards any particular field before making final decision on Mastering one particular field. It decreases your dependency on other professional as you yourself have good knowledge of all the fields.
Contents :
  • Computer Basics : Used for Day to Day Operations like Printing, CD / DVD Writing, Transferring Data, Preparing letters for Office Purpose, Making Sales Presentations, For making Charts & Doing Calculations, Internet for purpose of Browsing, Emailing, Surfing, Searching & Using Social Media.
  • Manual Accounting :Teaches you Elementary Basics of Accounting.
  • Tally Erp 9 (Basic+Adv.) :Provides you with complete knowledge and functionality of Tally software required for Accounting.
  • D.T.P. :Used for making Advertising Material, Brochures, News letters, Letter Heads, Visiting Cards, Posters, Photo Editing, etc.
  • Web-Design :Used for making Static Web-Sites.
  • Hardware : Intro to Hardware Parts, Assembling & Dis-Assembling, System Maintenance, Skeletal Check, Loading Operating System, Drivers &Softwares, Installing & Running Anti-Virus & Troubleshooting.
  • Networking :Fundamentals, Transmission Media, Topologies, Connectors & Cabling, Types of Network, Protocols, Networking Devices, OSI Layers, TCP/IP & IP Addressing, Super-Netting, Sub-Netting & Resource Sharing.
  • C Programming :Introduction to Programming, Datatypes Variables & Constants, Operators & Expressions, Input/Output, Looping & Branching, Array, Strings, Functions, Pointers, Structures & Unions, File Handling.
  • C++ (Object Oriented Programming) : Principle of Object Oriented Programming, Classes & Objects, Attributes & Functions, Constructors & Destructors, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulations, Abstraction.
  • CAD SOFTWARE 2D &3D :For making Plans, Designs and Elevations.
  • Walk-Through :Using Light & Camera, it creates Virtual Views as good as actual view for Home, Office, Building, Bridges & other Architectural Objects.
  • English Speaking :Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Group Discussion, Letter Writing, Mock Situation, Conversation, Reading Daily News & Debate.
  • Adv. Excel :Teaches you advance formulas of Excel required for Banking, Science, Operations related Dates, Text, Sorting, Filtering, etc.
  • Advance Diploma in Web, Graphics & Animation (ADWGA) :Graphics & Web - Designing, 2D – Animation, 3D – Animation & Special Effects
  • Advance Diploma in Hardware & Network Engineering (ADHNE) :Hardware, Networking, Router & Switches Configuration (CCNA), Windows Client & Server Administration (MCITP), Linux Administration.
  • Advance Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE) :C Programming (Structured Programming, C++ (Object Oriented Programming, .Net Technologies, Java & Adv. Java & MS – SQL (Database).
  • Advance Diploma in Accounting & Taxation (ADAT) :Computer Basic, Manual Accounting, Tally Erp 9 (Basic + Adv.), Adv. Excel, Accounts (Financial + Costing + Management), Inventory, Payroll, Order Processing , Taxation (Income Tax + ST + TDS + VAT), MS-Outlook, VB.Net, MS-Access, MS-SQL, E-Filling.
  • Note :The topics which are mentioned above but are recurring in Advance Diploma module will be not be repeated
Future : Many a times it happens that, after selecting a particular course, you may think that this course is not suited for you. Although you may shift to another course, but your considerable time is wasted. This course gives you detailed exposure to all the 4 fields before you opt for any particular field. Secondly, Industry always welcomes professional with all round knowledge, which they suitably reward with Handsome Salary. Above all, as knowledge never goes waste, with so profound knowledge in IT, it is difficult for anyone to take you for a ride..

Job Profile :

  • IT Solution Provider / IT Consultant
  • Technical Head of IT Company
  • Software Re-seller / Marketing Proprietary Software
  • Starting Business of Computer Institute
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Project Head