Certificate Course in Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization:

    HTML / CSS
    Web Site Analysis
    Search Engine Optimization (Analysis & Strategy)
    On Page Digital Marketing Optimization
    Off Page Digital Marketing Optimization
    Social Media Optimization & Marketing
    Search Engine Marketing
    Usage of Digital Marketing Tools

Certificate Course in Mobile Application Development (Android Programming):

    HTML / CSS
    Core Java
    Android Programming (Basic & Advanced)
    SQL Lite

Certificate Course in Web Application Development :

    Client Side Scripting (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    Creating Tags & Passing it Electronically (XML)
    Database (MySQL)
    Server Side Programming (PHP (Basic & Advanced)
    Content Management Systems (JOOMLA)
    Web Server (Apache)
    Uploading a Site Using FTP

Certificate Course in Big Data &Hadoop :

    Core Java Programming
    Basic Linux Commands
    Concept of Big Data
    Hadoop Distributed File System
    Ambari, Flume, HBase, HCatalog
    Hive, Mahout, MapReduce, Pig
    Oozie, Sqoop, Whirr, Zookeeper
    Hadoop Security

Certificate Course in Software Testing :

    Programming & Database Concepts
    Manual Testing
    ISTQB Preparation
    Test Management Tools
    Defect Reporting Tools
    Using Open Source Tools (Selenium)
    Performance Testing Tools

Certificate Course in Cloud Computing :

    Understanding Models of Cloud Computing
    Understanding Platform, Software & Infrastructure as Service
    Server Virtualisation
    Configuring & Deploying Cloud
    Managing & Operating on a Cloud
    Network Monitoring a Cloud
    Automating & Backing up Cloud

Certificate Course in Share Trading + Financial Accounting :

    Accounting Basics + (Financial + Costing + Mgmt.) Accounting
    Inventory, Payroll & Order Processing
    Share Trading Concepts (Equity, Debt, Derivatives, Macro Economics, Technical Analysis & Financial Analysis)+Working on Software
    Taxation (Income Tax + ST + VAT + TDS)
    Accounting Software (Basic + Advance)
    Spreadsheet (Beginner + Mid Level + Expert)
    VBA & Macros
    E – Filing

Certificate Course in Embedded Programming :

    Understanding MicroProcessor&MicroController Architecture
    Understanding 8051, PIC, AVR & ARM Architecture
    Understanding Linux Architecture
    Assembly Programming
    C Programming (Basic & Advanced)
    C ++ Programming (Object Oriented Programming)
    Java in Embedded Systems

Certificate Course in Ethical Hacking :

    Introduction to Ethical Hacking
    Footprinting& Reconnaissance
    Scanning Networks, Sniffing, Enumeration, SQL Injection, Social
    Denial of Services, Session (Hacking & Hijacking)
    Hacking Web Servers, Web Application, Wireless Network, Mobile
    Evading Firewalls

Certificate Course in Games Development (Programming + Graphics) :

    Fundamental Programming (Assembly & C Programming Basic & Advanced)
    Object Oriented Feature (Java)
    Mobile Application Development (Android Programming)
    Database Requirement (MySQL)
    Web Enability(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Flash Action Scripts)
    Story Telling – Story Boarding
    Special Effects & Sound Effects
    Character Design & its Animation

Certificate Course in DeskTop, Chip-Level, Laptop & Mobile Repairing :

    Introduction Hardware Components & its Usage
    Assembling, Disassembling, Loading OS, Drivers, Softwares, AntiVirus,System Tools & Troubleshooting a DeskTop PC.
    Networking :Introduction, Cables & Devices, Topologies& Protocols & Resource Sharing.
    Chip-Level & Card Level Repairing : (Electric & Electronics, UPS, Monitor,SMPS, MotherBoard, HardDisk, RAM, CD/DVD-ROM/Writer)
    Laptop Repairing: Difference in Hardware of Desktop & Laptop, Types of Laptop, Hardware, RAM, CPU, MotherBoard, CD/DVD, LCD, Touch Pad, Panel, TFT, Adapter, Battery.
    Mobile Repairing : Fundamentals of GSM & CDMA Technology, Mobile Platforms, Circuit Diagrams, Flashing & Unlocking Mobiles, Upgrading
    Software, Software Installation, Data Transfer from Mobile to PC & Vice Versa, Resolving (SIM Card Rejection, Network & Software) Problems,Mobile Maintenance through Software, Troubleshooting.