We are glad that you have shown interest in working with us. Name of the company is “Pal-India” which means “Friend of India”. Being friend of India, our expectation from our franchisee is to help us deliver quality education, which will in return result in increased revenue for them
  • “Quality Training . . . . . . Assured” is our motto and we do anything and everything to achieve it.
  • Pass out 3000+ students each year, which is compounding each year due to Quality Training.
  • Courses Offered are Recognised by State / Central Government.
  • We are No.1 in Mumbai in Home & Office Based Training.
  • We have World’s Most Unique Business Plan for Royalty.
  • The Institute offers following courses :
    • Professional Courses like Computer Basic, English Speaking, Tally, DTP, Web-Design, CAD, WALK THROUGH, C & C++, Hardware, Networking, .Net Technology, Java, etc
    • Diploma Courses in field of Accounting, Graphics Design, Software Programming, Hardware & Networking Engineering, Structural Design and Computer Application
    • Career Oriented Courses in field of Animation, Software, Hardware – Networking engineering & Accounting + Taxation.
    • Master Course which is aimed at all round knowledge in Computer Field + Specialization in any one field of Animation, Software, Hardware – Networking Engineering & Accounting + Taxation.
    • Gen Nxt Courses which cater to Careers in this Competitive World including Courses on Android Programming, Web Application Development, Cloud Compuring, Games Development Digital Marketing & SEO, Big Data & Hadoop, Software Testing, Embedded Programming, Ethical Hacking, Share Trading and Laptop & Mobile Repairing – Chip Level
  • Other group companies
    • Pal India Shipping Agency has been in existence since 1945, it is in the field of Clearing & Forwarding.
    • Pal India Logistic provides Logistic as well as Warehousing Solutions.
    • Pal India Financial Services operates in sectors of Insurance, Investment, Estate & Loans.
    • Pal India Business Solutions Ltd. is a BPO company, concentrating in Data Processing, Business & Knowledge Outsourcing and OutBound & InBound Process.
  • Future plans of Pal India Group
    • Fast Food Industry
    • Alternate Fuel Industry

Business Opportunity in Computer Education

Population of India is approximately 1.2 billion, with less than 1% having computer expertise in their desired field, so we are yet to cater about 118.8Crore people more. Every person needs to specialize into fields like Hardware – Network Engineering, Software Programming, Animation, Accounting, Structural Engineering, Computer Application, etc. = 118.8 Crores x Rs. 50,000/- (Computer Know-How) + (Specialisation) = Rs. 59,40,000Crores
Softwares are completely revamped every 3 years. For e.g. professionals or students who had learnt older versions would need to learn new skills periodically. = Rs. 59,40,000Crores
= Rs. 59,40,000Crores + Rs. 59,40,000 Crores(Next 3 years)
= Rs. 59,40,000Crores + Rs. 59,40,000 Crores + Rs. 59,40,000 Crores(Every 3 years)
We are talking only about India at the moment; we have yet rest of the world to be catered to, which may include countries like Nepal, Dubai, Thailand, U.K., U.S.A., etc. Information Technology has become the most important factor for all Business Sectors. IT has become the prime Department in all Corporate Houses. 70% of the Computer Education Business works on references and people will only refer if you provide them Quality Education. Hence we always thrive to provide Quality Training.

Why Take Franchisee ?

Franchising as a business model is most successful model; its success rate is higher than any other models. A new franchisee opens every 8 minute on a business day. Statistics reveal that 80% or more fresh start-ups close down within 5 years, where as 80% or more franchisee start-ups are successful even after 5 years. Success stories have shown that franchisee that adhere to the standards, rarely fail. Franchising in training Industry has been very successful. Following are some of the benefits of a Franchisee Model.
  • Brand Name
  • Course & Certificate Recognition
  • Training the Trainers
  • Selling High Value Courses
  • Low Advertising & Branding Expenses + Latest Advertisement Ideas
  • Ready Market Research + News Updates that Affect Our Business
  • Management + Counselling Tips & Tricks
  • Training on Newer Technologies
  • Contribution in Affiliations
  • Guidance on Licencing, Copy Right Issues & Software Piracy
Why Us ?
  • Quality Centric Approach
  • Preparing you from Zero To Hero
  • Supportive Franchisee Colleagues
  • Placement Assistance
  • Institutional Tie-ups
  • Better Franchisee Success Ratio
  • Paperless Management through MIS
  • Low Expense & High Returns Model
  • Superior Franchisee Support
  • World’s Unique Royalty Plan
  • Affordable Franchisee Fee & Royalty Structure
Pal India shall provide you with
  • Pre – Launch Support :
    • Assistance in Selection of Location.
    • Supervision of Interiors & Assistance in Procurement.
    • Staff Selection and Training.
    • Technical Up-gradation of Trainers
    • Guidance in Local Promotion & Direct Marketing.
  • Post – Launch Support
    • Train the Trainers (On-Going Process).
    • Guidance in Delivering Quality Training.
    • Training for Day-to-Day Management of Centres.
    • Placement Assistance
    • Assistance in Institutional Tie-ups.
    • Assistance in Advertising and Branding.
    • Time-To-Time Quality Evaluation
    • Corporate Batches from Head Office
    Returns On Investment (ROI) : Almost all of our franchisee have achieved 50 to 60% ROI in a year, while some performers have crossed 100+% too, but returns are hugely dependent upon the performance & amount you spend on Advertising & Branding.
    Working Capital: Most of our centres have started generating profits from very first month itself, but we would advise you to keep money equivalent to 3 months breakeven in your hand; your expenses towards advertising & branding are directly proportional to your profits.