As the name suggests, Advance Diploma are aimed at building a complete Career for a Professional. It gives in depth knowledge of desired field.

Advance Diploma in Web, Graphics& Animation Technology (ADWGA)

Why Advance Diploma in Web, Graphics& Animation Technology (ADWGA) ?

Ever wondered how your creativity can be utilized in the field of designing and animation; to design web pages, posters, advertisements, brochures; in creating characters, animating and providing special effects to them. This course teaches you the systematic procedure that will help launch your career in Web and Animation Technology, by teaching you the design process right, from the conception of an idea to its final execution.
Contents :
  • Graphics & Web Design : Using various Softwares, detailed knowledge is imparted for creating Graphics Design for making Advertising Material, Brochures, News letters, Letter Heads, Visiting Cards, Posters, Photo Editing, etc and for Web – Design for making appealing Web-Sites.
  • 2D & 3D Animation :Detailing in 2D & 3D Animation is taught using Topics &Softwares..
  • Special Effects :Sound Effects, Special Effects and Movie Editing are taught here.
Future : Learning Graphics Design & Web – Design adds versatility to your knowledge of Animation. Most of the Animated Movies like Spiderman, Hulk, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek& Madagascar have been made in India, eyeing cheaper and talented manpower available in India compared to European or American Countries. Animation is just not confined to Movies. The Cricket scores that you watch on TV, Stats that you see on Share Market Channel, News Ribbon that continuously slides on your TV Screen are all part of Animation. Animation Industry is set to grow by 1000% in next few years, where as there are not enough Professional Animators available. You can see your job Prospects.

Job Profile :

  • Web – Site Developer + Graphics Designer
  • Cartoon + Character Designer
  • Animator / Modeler
  • Animated Movie Maker + Ad Film Maker
  • Presentation Designer
  • Sound + Movie Editor

Advance Diploma in Accounting & Taxation (ADAT):

Why Advance Diploma in Accounting & Taxation (ADAT) ?

There is requirement for a professional who can co-ordinate between Company & C.A. The number of Taxes are increasing day after day, further, new notifications are added above that, which creates more ambiguity and with not that many students clearing their C.A. Exam each year, there is huge demand for professionals who can work in tandem with C.A. and help company to complete all Legal Formalities. The demand for professionals is huge and nature of requirement is urgent. Financial Accounting course targets to fulfill this particular requirement. This course is intended to prepare a professional who can bridge gap between the Company & the Company C.A.
Contents :
  • Computer Basic :Used for Day to Day Operations like Printing, CD / DVD Writing, Transferring Data, Preparing letters for Office Purpose, Making Sales Presentations, For making Charts & Doing Calculations, Internet for purpose of Browsing, Emailing, Surfing, Searching & Using Social Media
  • Manual Accounting :Teaches you Elementary Basics of Accounting
  • Accounts (Financial + Costing + Management) :Detailed knowledge of Accounting with respect to Finance, Costing & Management.
  • Inventory, Payroll & Order Processing :Teaches you details of processes in a Company, so that a professional can manage HR, Stocks & Orders of Company.
  • Taxation (Income Tax + ST + VAT + TDS) :Gives detailed inputs of various Taxations like Income Tax, Service Tax, Value Added Tax & Tax Deducted at Source. It teaches whom taxes are implied on, at what rate?, who are exempted & basic notifications, etc.
  • Tally Erp 9 (Basic + Adv.) :Learning Accounting Package using Software named Tally, which is One Point Solution to entire Accounting needs of Individual or Company.
  • Adv. Excel :Understanding other important formulas other than which are taught in Basic Excel. This topic teaches you advance formulas of MS – Excel required for Banking, Science, Operations related to Dates, Text, Sorting, Filtering, etc.
  • E – Filing :Filing online returns for Income Tax, Service Tax, Value Added Tax & Tax Deducted at Source.
  • Outlook, VB.Net, Access &SQL :Learning Softwares, which can help you make your own and very basic CustomisedAccounting Packageas per the need or you can guide programmers to build CustomisedAccounting Package as per Company’srequirements.
Future : Government has levied too many New Taxes which has increased work for C.A. by many folds above that there not that many C.A.s passing out each year. New Taxes are being levied, their Implications on the Company & Keeping track of various Notifications that will affect growth of the company is a tedious task for a C.A. who handles multiple companies at same time. So there is a very huge requirement for a professional who can work as bridge between the Company & the C.A. A professional who will be able to bridge this gap can literally demand salary rather than asking for it.

Job Profile :

  • Assisting Chartered Accountant
  • Consultant to the Company
  • Accounts Head
  • Manager (Accounts / HR / Stocks)
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business of Managing Accounts & Filing Taxes

Advance Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE)

Why Advance Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE) ?

This course trains you for the programming aspects required for Software Development, Academics, making Customized Software, Web or Desk Top Based Applications, creating Database Designs and Enterprise Applications over a heterogeneous network. All Applications (Web Based or Desk Top) or Operating Systems are made using Softwares mentioned below
Contents :
  • C Programming (Structured Programming) :First step towards understanding the world of programming. Simple and yet a very powerful tool for development even after 40+ years of existence.
  • C++ (Object Oriented Programming) : Study on concept of OOPs using C++ which is the base for all future programming languages & database programs is carried under this topic.
  • .Net Technologies :.Net Technology is a complete package. VB.Net is used for making Desktop Application. ASP.Net is used for Web Based Application. ADO.Net is connectivity tool between Database & VB.Net or ASP.Net Application.
  • Java & Adv. Java :Java & Adv. Java application, using some of the components of Java you can make Desktop & Web – Based Applications. Above that benefit is, that Applications are Platform Independent, i.e. Application made for Windows can be used by Mac OS or Linux.
  • SQL :All Applications may it be Desktop or Web – Based, if it requires data to be stored then it compulsorily requires Database like SQL.
Future : Whenever you open up your PC, Laptop or Mobile you see various Applications. Common Application that you see on a Desktop are WinAmp, Nero DVD Writer, Adobe Reader, Team Viewer, Tally Erp 9, Avast Anti-Virus, Various Games, etc. All are made using above Softwares. InfactOperating Systems like from Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc are made using Softwares mentioned in the course. With Exponential Growth in Application Development Market you can also expect Exponential Demand for Professionals with Sound Software knowledge in the Market.

Job Profile :

  • (Software / Application / Web) Developer
  • Games Developer
  • Software Tester / Debugger
  • School Teacher / College Lecturer / Corporate Trainer
  • System Developer / System Programmer / Real Time Application Developer
  • Business of Proprietary Software Development

Advance Diploma in Hardware & Network Engineering (ADHNE)

Why Advance Diploma in Hardware & Network Engineering (ADHNE) ?

This course mainly concentrates on giving wholesome knowledge in the field of Hardware, Networking & Security Design. Organization, big or small, have data which needs to be protected from outside interference (data theft, hacking, virus, etc.) this course trains professional to design security for such organizations, so that such threats can be averted. This course also elaborately teaches you Hardware & Networking.
Contents :
  • Hardware : Intro to Hardware Parts, Assembling & Dis-Assembling, System Maintenance, Skeletal Check, Loading Operating System, Drivers &Softwares, Installing & Running Anti-Virus & Troubleshooting.
  • Networking : Fundamentals, Transmission Media, Topologies, Connectors & Cabling, Types of Network, Protocols, Networking Devices, OSI Layers, TCP/IP & IP Addressing, Super-Netting, Sub-Netting & Resource Sharing
  • Switches & Routers (CCNA) : Working with Routers & Switches, Understanding Difference between them, Configuring them, Implementing IP Addressing, Super-netting & Sub-Netting, Understanding their Commands, Protocols, Network & Security Design.
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) :Server Administration on Windows Server 2008 : Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration (70-640), Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration (70-642), Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator (70-646). Client Administration on Windows 7 :Windows 7 Configuration (70-680), Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Administrator (70-686).
  • Linux Administration :Basic Commands & Essential Configurations, System Administration, Network Configuration & Security Administration
Future : Day upon day, dependency on Computer & Computer’s dependency on Internet in on the rise. Internet is a provider of information and means for data transfer, but at times it also acts asa security threat to the Organisation. Other than that, there are internal threats to the company too. For e.g. employee who is dis-satisfied, about to leave job or an intruder, who would steal or harm your data. Organisation would pay huge sums but would never compromise on Data Security. This is the opportunity for Professionals who opt for this course..

Job Profile :

  • Server Operator
  • Network Planner / Optimiser
  • Security Designer
  • Technical Trainer
  • Domain Administrator
  • Business Providing Security Solutions / AMC Services / Machines