Client Testimonials

  • One thing I would like to say about PAL-INDIA is that the entire staff is very co-operative. They are very helpful and responded favourably and immediately to any request I made regarding change of timings, re-scheduling of certain lectures or any other such requests from my side. I am very happy to have chosen PAL-INDIA for my training and give them top rating for conducting my classes in a very professional way.

    Priyanka Basant
  • Very good Trainers at PAL-INDIA. They teach nicely and repeat whenever required. I completely understood the syllabus and scored excellently in the exam for the same.

    Jinal Joshi
  • Very happy with the training provided here. I rate PAL-INDIA 5/5. Big thank you to PAL-INDIA for providing good training.

  • Teaching was good. The Lab was effective. My Course contained detailed topics and the teaching was very much in-depth. I think PAL-INDIA teaches much more in detail as compared to any other Institute.

    Verna Makwana
  • Kudos to PAL-INDIA. Very happy to have joined here. Well done. Very good Institute. Congratulations.

  • I am a Senior Citizen and was very skeptical of joining any Computer Class at this age. But seeing all my grand-children using so many Electronic gadgets with such ease, I decided that I should also get myself educated. It was a tough choice to select the right Computer Class. I visited 5 different Computer Institutes in my vicinity to check where I would be most comfortable. At my age, it is not easy to learn a new subject. When I entered PAL-INDIA, I immediately knew that this was the right class for me. The Staff were very friendly and helpful. They understood my requirements and guided me for the correct Course. They gave me a Trainer who taught at my pace and repeated all the topics which seemed confusing to me at first. Gradually, I started grasping this new technology and to the surprise of all my grand-children, I have now mastered the use of Computers by doing this course with PAL-INDIA. All the youngsters in my family are now proud of me. I thank PAL-INDIA for make me Computer Literate and that too in such a short time..

    Shashi Khanna
  • I have just secured admission in a New York University for my graduation program. I had 4 months time before my term started and decided to use this time to learn newer Computer Technologies. I joined PAL-INDIA and explained to them my time schedule and the need for learning several new Softwares. They arranged my classes in such a nice way that I could complete learning all the Softwares that I needed, within the stipulated time. They also adjusted my batches whenever I had to take leaves for Visa related work or any other admission related administrative work.

    Riya Khanna
  • I did my ADHNE Course from PAL-INDIA. The course was taught to me very professionally by PAL-INDIA. Mostly the Course consists of practicals and alongwith it, they covered all the theory as well. I am happy to have joined PAL-INDIA and completed my Course from here.

    Rahul Bhatt
  • I joined ADAT at PAL-INDIA. As soon as my Course was completed, I was sent by PAL-INDIA for interviews in my chosen field of Accounting. In the very second interview, I was selected and offered a job. So PAL-INDIA not only provided my good professional training, but also helped me secure a very good job. I am very happy and thank PAL-INDIA from the bottom of my heart.

    Steffi Castelino
  • PAL-INDIA is the best Institute for Computer training. I would recommend this Institute to everyone who would want to learn Computers in a professional way with a very interactive method of teaching.

    Saurabh Garg
  • I am a Working Professional and hardly get any time throughout the day. I wanted to update myself on my Animation skills, but had absolutely no time to leave Office during the day and visit any Institute. I searched online for Home based Tutors for Animation and the top listing on the search was PAL-INDIA. I called them up and asked them if they could conduct batches on Sundays and Public Holidays at my Home. They were very helpful in their response and immediately arranged for a Trainer. They arranged for a Demo Class at my House and once I was satisfied with their teaching quality, then I joined the Course with them. I would like to state that their entire Course training was very professional and up-to-the-mark. The Trainer was also very co-operative and at times, when I could not take the training for any reason, he would re-schedule it instantly. Thanks PAL-INDIA for doing a wonderful job.

    Tushar Lalwani
  • I joined PAL-INDIA for C & C++ Programming Course to be conducted at my Office in Mumbai. After only a few classes, I got transferred to Pune. I still had to complete my Course and I could not wait till I got transferred back to Mumbai for completing my Course. When I explained my dilemma to the PAL-INDIA staff, they immediately gave me a solution of conducting the remainder of my course through Video Conferencing. I was not sure initially whether it would work or not. But they dedicated a Trainer specifically for me, who would connect with me online through Video Conferencing and teach me my Course. It was a new experience for me. I have heard of Webcasts of Tutorials, but in this case, we had a live streaming session, which was interactive, and all my doubts and queries were answered instantly by the Trainer. It felt as if the Trainer was right there with me in the same room, conducting my training. I am very happy to see the professionalism of PAL-INDIA and the passion with which they teach

    Dipali B